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Mahendra Prasad Chourasia

He was a legendary personality with outstanding abilities in creating new technological things ever since his childhood.

He did B.A Honors in Psychology from Ranchi University but was engaged as an entrepreneur to keep alive his love for science

Born in a family of businessmen, he was very fond of football in his school days.His ability to dribble ball was unique and extraordinary.

He also had a very strong liking to drive motorcycle for miles. He was very simple, honest and a shy nature person.

He loved loneliness and good in listening as well as playing tunes through nose.

He was a man of commitment and always humble to everyone


He viewed the world of technology in a different perspective. He had tremendous passion to translate innovative ideas into working projects

Love for Science

His love for science was so deep that he spent most of his time fiddling with electrical and electronic gadgets and equipment

Skill Set

He was brilliant in circuit designing and creating complicated wiring for electrical projects and appliances

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