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Please download the form for applying for memebership

General Membership

General membership is open to all interested persons (above 12 years) in science. Every aspiring member will have to be get recommended by one of the executive members and approved by the committee of management of the club as per the constitution.


The club reserves the right to refuse membership to any person at its discretion. The admission fee for individual members shall be Rs. 50/- and monthly fee shall be Rs. 20/- p.m. for students, Rs. 50/- p.m. for teachers and Rs. 75/- p.m. for all other category of members. You can download the form for membership from here

Life Membership

Members who opt to become the Life Member of the club or would like to bring into some personalities known to him/her, having a reputation working in the field of science, technology or education or any other field but keen to be part of science promotion efforts of the club as per the objectives laid down in the constitution, are welcome to become the life members by paying Rs. 5000/- as one time amount to obtain the membership.

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