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Radio to Explore and Act on Dreams

This is the first ever RADIO visualized for school and college students of Ranchi city.

This is an initiative of RSC to give opportunity to school children and college youth to explore on their ideas to locate/identify or find new things, happenings, innovations, etc. around, to encourage research, documentation, presentation and exploration to find solutions for the problems around through innovative mind-set and positive thinking abilities.

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On Air

Dreambox Studios

Select Topic

To start, one should find the topic which is very close to you. This will help you and inspire you to get into the subject quickly.


Then you should start exploring the content for it either by reaching out to that area or taking the support of elders to find and pick such topic.


Once the subject is finalized, the one to one meeting, interviews, notes on the subject chosen should be done to black and white the entire story


Once you are ready, you can record your voice keeping your write-up/story before you and AIR it from Dreambox studios.


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