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Painted Space

The Idea behind to
start the club...


Rohini Science Club aims to believe in developing creators not consumers. The club has made it possible for a large number of youngsters to find expression for their scientific interest. Club encourages entrepreneurship and hands-on practices to solve day to day life problems using tools, gadgets, equipment and available technologies.

Our Mission

To promote creativity among youngsters by applying concepts of science and technology through the imaginative and enjoyable experience of day to day life

Our Vision

To provide platform for all those who have love for science especially school students, teachers and people in general.

Let the advancements of science and technology reach to the door steps of every person living in this society.

Our Journey So Far


Time to ideate

Few teenage students of grade IX-X from Kokar, Ranchi (Jharkhand), who were passionate designing and making small electrical and mechanical gadgets participated in State and National Level Science Exhibitions held in Calcutta and Delhi respectively and were highly appreciated for their originality and inventive skills.


Build the team

This scientific inventive spirit started spreading amongst other youngsters and the activities of the club increased year by year. Thus a team of science lovers emerged in that locality and the journey to promote science activities started since then.

Painted Space

What we Foresee

  • Promote creativity among youngsters to apply science and technology in everyday life.

  • To let the advancements of science and technology reach to the door steps of every person living in this society

  • Focus to  improve, advance and develop scientific curiosity, thinking, research attitude, cultivating the spirit of enquiry and generating a love for science and technology among students of school, college and educational institutions, teachers, women and general masses

  • Bridge the gap between the formal education and provide a more comprehensive knowledge of science.

  • Encourage and provide opportunities for creative and original work and recognize the talent.

Meet The Team


Mahendra Prasad Chourisa

Dr.Ashok Sinha

Dr.Ramesh Popli

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