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We Nurture Creativity...

We are keenly concerned with the improvement of science education and trying to supplement formal education in an effort to make it more comprehensive and interesting

Rohini Science Club Celebrating 50 Years

Love for

Rohini Science Club (RSC) is a young dynamic NGO that aims to infuse young minds with new energy, enthusiasm and expertise to think out of the box. In the past 50 years it has worked in significant ways with schools, teachers, students, and the general public across the state. We believe in developing CREATORS, not CONSUMERS. We encourage entrepreneurship and hands-on practices to solve our day-to-day life using tools, gadgets, equipment and available technologies.


Our Projects

The club has made it possible for a large number of youngsters to find expression for their scientific interests.

RSC organizes science exhibitions frequently to encourage scientific talent in children and to create the habit of exploration through simple self-devised models.



Next Generation

We Believe in
youngsters growing as
Entrepreneurs of future

The aim of the DREAMBOX is to create an environment where innovative approaches to address social challenges are encouraged. The DREAMBOX is providing a place for the students as well as youth members to come forward with their innovative ideas to solve day to day problems of people at large...


Let the advancements of science and technology reach to the door steps of every person living in this society

Innovative Teaching
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Innovative Science


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