Our Founders

Late Mahendra Prasad Chourasia

A person with amicable abilities in undertaking repairs of electrical/electronic equipment of any level. He is always sincere in reading complicated electrical cases, locating faults and doing appropriate treatment in his unique style. He is very passionate about gadgets and obsessed with tools. During school days, he met with members of Rohini Science Club and then the journey begins together with Mahender, Prasad and Suresh.

He loves cars and long drives and also fond of good music. He did his technical engineering from Kolkata and joined later in Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL). He has passion to do little science still today and always supports the initiatives of the club in his own way

Founder Members

G V S R Prasad

He was a legendary personality with outstanding abilities in creating new technological things ever since his childhood. He viewed the world of technology in a different perspective. He had tremendous passion to translate innovative ideas into working projects.

His love for science was so deep that he spent most of his time in fiddling with electrical and electronic gadgets and equipments. He was brilliant in circuit designing and creating complicated wiring for electrical projects and appliances.

He did B.A Honours in Psychology from Ranchi University but was engaged as an entrepreneur to keep alive his love for science. Born in the family of businessman, he was very fond of football in his school days. His ability to dribble ball was unique and extraordinary.

He also had a very strong liking to drive motorcycle for miles. He was very simple, honest and a shy nature person. He loved loneliness and good in listening as well as playing tunes through nose. He was a man of commitment and always humble to everyone.

Founder Directors

He is an eminent personality in the business sphere and known for his social initiatives in Jharkhand. Associated with Rohini Science Club from school days and took part in several science exhibitions along with Mr. Mahenderand Prasad. He made invaluable contributions in bringing this club up to this stage by his love to promote science among children.

Presently he is heading a business of his own named Reliable Systems which is engaged in electrical and electronics related mega projects including erection and commissioning of heavy electrical equipments, control panels and machineries.

     ESTD. 1973

Rohini Science Club

A Platform to convert ideas into action

A person who discovered himself while studying in school. His love for science has made him reach upto National Science Exhibitions. He was fond of playing with electrical circuits ever since school days. He loves fault finding in circuits and this has opened his innovative abilities to develop various exhibition models. His is still known for his goalkeeping in football but more often he is remembered as an outstanding wicketkeeper in cricket. He represented his college in University matches. Over and above he is a very good drummer and plays for rock group REACTION even today.

A B.Com graduate who later served as Director of District Institute of Education and Training known as DIET located in Ratu, Ranchi due to his extraordinary passion to communicate with children and teachers. His love for science and technology was so strong that he could not continue his service and left in the year 2003.Today he is serving as a social entrepreneur and providing education consultancy to numerous organizations, NGOs and government departments.

He has his own start-up unit, SAHAJ Education Consultancy where-in developing education content for different stakeholder of elementary education. He is a veteran leader who focuses on innovative ways of solving problems. He has a deep understanding of content for children and leverages his managerial skills to co-lead the creative aspects of in elementary education domain.


Probir Mitra

Suresh Chandra Agarwal

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